For sale

Randall RX4X12 with casters

  • 200W cabinet
  • 4 - 12" Randall Jaguar speakers
  • Black cloth grille




Carvin X100b VI 1/2 Stack

Mint X100B VI Snakeskin with 4 button footswitch (channel, reverb, effects loop, boost/mute), 25/50/100 watt switch, effectively a 3 channel amp with clean, crunch, and lead switching, 5 band active EQ. There is no amp on the market with as wide ranging sounds as the X100B with the 5 band active EQ (18db cut or boost) in addition to the passive tone stack. This amp has the warmest clean channel Ive ever heard. The lead channel is very high gain. If you want darker, smoother british tones, they're there. If you want hot rodded Marshall, its here. This amp can even do a pretty convincing Soldano type american searing mid-high (and I own an SLO) with the active EQ. No amp has the range of high quality tones the new X100B reissue has.



2018 Gibson Les Paul Player Plus

Near mint condition and 100% original with original hard case. P90 pickups...




Built on a 24 3/4–inch scale with 22 frets.

The pair of covered, Gagon-designed pickups are voiced for rock, country and blues, genres that require full-bodied tones with clean and dirty amp settings. The tone pot pulls up to tap the pickups’ output, and the volume knob is positioned behind the three-position pickup switch so that it doesn’t interfere with strumming. The TonePros bridge assembly adds considerably to the string stability and overtones.




1998 Gibson Les Paul DC

Well played but in great shape. All original except the tuners were swapped for Grover Rotomatics. These are getting hard to find!

Comes with Gibson gig bag